WA AIP success!

The Western Australian branch of the Australian Institute of Physics held their Annual General Meeting and dinner on the evening of 16th of November 2016.

The guest speaker was Murdoch’s Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk. Gerd’s talk was “Only entropy is free” reminding us that entropy isn’t the same as disorder, and giving examples of ordered structures in nature that are formed via maximising entropy.

Gerd was also voted as the new Chair of the WA AIP. Another Murdoch physicist Dr Elaine Walker was returned to the important role of Treasurer.

Two Murdoch students also received prizes on the night. De Laeter medals were given to the top performing 3rd year student and honours student in 2015 at each of UWA, Curtin and Murdoch. This year the 3rd year prize went to Mr Tyson Battersby and the honours prize went to Mr Huu Dang.

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