Physics at Murdoch University has been operating continuously since Murdoch began (i.e. 1975). The undergraduate physics major is named Physics and Nanotechnology, as it provides the core physics principles combined with electives in our traditional research strengths of materials, surface physics and nanotechnology. Emerging strengths also include biophysics, photonics, soft matter physics and computational physics.

Our course is accredited by the Australian Institute of Physics

In response to WA’s size and remoteness, our course has always been designed such that it could be studied completely off-campus. At the time this external offering was unique for a Physics course in Australia. Murdoch retains this external study mode option for our physics students. Of course we also welcome and encourage you to study at the beautiful Murdoch Perth campus too.

Due to our intimate size we offer many opportunities for a close and ongoing interactions between students and staff. There are also plenty of opportunities to combine a physics major with another from science or create a combined degree (e.g. physics + engineering).

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Physics teachers:

Looking for resources? Our Australian National Teaching Fellow, Dr Chris Creagh, has put together a website just for you Physcom